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Ebtron is an innovative leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced thermal dispersion airflow measurement devices and subsystems for use in HVAC systems in buildings, data centers, medical facilities, laboratories and other related industries where critical airflow measurement is required. Founded in 1983, Ebtron revolutionized and refined thermal dispersion airflow measurement technology by overcoming the technological challenges associated with early thermal airflow measurement techniques. The company's administrative, engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Loris, SC which is nearby to Myrtle Beach.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) and outside air ventilation are now fundamental elements in the design of new buildings and the retrofit of existing structures. Standards developed by the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) are tightly integrated into the International Mechanical Code (IMC) in jurisdictions of 47 states, and are already a key element of the United States Green building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (USGBC - LEED\) Green Building Rating Systems; the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Attractive financial incentives in the form of federal, state and local energy credits and rebates as well as tax credits, reductions and in some cases temporary abatement are all driving the demand for accurate, repeatable and reliable air flow measurement systems from Ebtron.

Ebtron maintains an unyielding 'no-compromise' approach to quality and reliability throughout each phase of product development, design, and manufacture. This commitment to exceptional levels of product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction is mirrored through a factory trained network of over 80 knowledgeable sales rep firms, as well as Ebtron's in-house customer service and application engineering sales support teams that consistently provide outstanding support to clients with their airflow measurement requirements.

Ebtron's leadership position in the air flow measurement industry is demonstrated through its membership in ASHRAE, BACnet International, USGBC, and through active participation in all proceedings related to highly accurate and reliable air flow measurement and control in current and proposed standards. Ebtron develops products that meet the expanding needs of architectural and mechanical engineers, designers, contractors and the HVAC industry to improve the quality and comfort of the indoor air we breathe, reduce energy consumption, and ensure environmental sustainability and compliance with green building and LEED requirements through innovation and attention to detail.

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